the adventure begins with Christopher and Bella Hagane as they arrive in Sioux City where there's a beystadium as they're challenged by Demi and Juaquin.


the episode begins with Christopher and Bella Hagane arriving at the beystadium as the antagonists are seen battling the other victims of their beyblades as Christopher challenges the antagonists as they all agree to a three against one battle as he also agrees to it surprisingly as he knows he'll win the battle.

as the battle begins Christopher commands Galaxy Ring Master to use it's special move Spinning Ring of Flames as it was used every single beyblade was beaten by Galaxy Ring Master because of it's indestructible warrior wheel all in the blink of an eye as Galaxy Ring Master uses a special move known as Spinning Ring of Flames as the beast attacks the beast of Frankenstein 185B the beast of Dracula 156H and Werewolf 986D as the scene changes with the beyblades destroyed as the mad Battlers are soon plotting revenge on them. the scene changes to the W.W.L.B.A. where they get an assistant in beyblade named Mackenzie as Mickey introduces her to Bella Hagane and Christopher as she gives Christopher a small kiss on the cheek and joins the team.

the scene changes to everyone running outside and over to the beystadium where Bella Hagane, Christopher, and Mackenzie meet an inventor named mick with a Terror Phantom and his special, special move known as Spinning Ring of Lightning.